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Didn't make it to Soup|Art|Beer? You can still donate!

All images by Ben Droz.
A note from Mary & Blithe:

Dear Friends,

This past weekend's project fundraiser in DC was a huge success! We had a great night of group soup making, beer drinking, and wonderful conversation at Red Dirt Studios , where I'm currently a resident artist. We presented our work and plans for our project in the London, and received lots of enthusiastic feedback. We raffled off work by local artists, and sold silkscreens that we made in the spirit of the event and our project at Market Estate. The evening was a wonderful example of what can happen when artists band together to support one another.

On top of that, the generosity of everyone was astounding! We raised $1100, just shy of our $1500 goal for 2 plane tickets to the other side of the Atlantic. We cannot thank everyone enough who trudged in the snowy conditions to take part. We also want to thank everyone who donated online, your contributions were crucial in helping us make our goal.

If you haven't gotten a chance, and would still like to give, we are still accepting donations via paypal. Every little bit is welcome. http://coblerileyprojects.com/?p=17
Also, if you'd like to follow the project we'll be regularly blogging over the next few weeks at http://coblerileyprojects.com

Thanks again!


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