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Recruitment for guerrilla theatre!

Solas Nua is back again to recruit you all for the second helping of our Theatrical Espressos. If you missed what we did on Sunday - check out the video here.

TOMORROW we have a piece we're calling GAA planned. Its a Hurling HAKA! Hurling is an Irish sport played with large ash sticks and heavy baseball size balls. A HAKA is a ritual dance that the New Zealand rugby team perform before a game to intimidate opponents.

We need you to come to our rehearsal this evening at Gonzaga College to learn the moves! It will only take an hour of your time from 9 - 10 pm!!

How to get there:

Because its so cold - we will be rehearsing in Gonzaga College Gym.
Its at 19 I Street, NW, 20001.

There is parking available in the fenced lot next to the Football Field.
The nearest Metro stop is Union Station.

Here's a Map of where it is.

If you get lost you can call: 202 - 903 1413

The piece itself takes place tomorrow at lunch at 1pm... We'll be meeting at 12.45pm in advance to remind you of the details.

You'll be done by 1.10pm! So if you choose your lunch break you can take part!!

The location: Farragut Square!

The most important thing about this piece is its IMPACT. So if you have anyone you can bring along, please do, kicking and screaming if you have to! Pass this information on!!


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