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Special offer for fans of The Pink Line Project

A special offer for fans of The Pink Line Project: you can still purchase the "Workbook" print by Kate McGraw and Ann Tarantino at the original $50 price! (Sold in the gallery for $100.) By buying these beautiful, unique prints, you support a great art project (we're about 90% of the way to completing the project). PLUS, they make great holiday gifts! Order by the end of the week and you'll receive your print in time for Christmas.

**For the special purchase price, go HERE.**

About the project:
Workbook is an exhibition and video project created at the Gallery at Flashpoint in Washington, DC in March and April 2009. The artists spent ten days creating the wall drawing, and the video records their physical and creative work, as they engaged in a mark-making exchange running the entire length of the gallery walls. The final, mammoth artwork stretched across the gallery like a book waiting to be read and experienced by the audience. During the exhibition, the documentary film was projected on the wall near the exhibition entrance, serving as an intimate record of the artistic process. Workbook gives viewers insight into the process of creation, making public the most intimate of moments between collaborators—hidden gestures, unscripted moments, silent contemplation, discussion, agreement, disagreement, defeat and celebration. Now that the exhibition has closed--the gallery walls painted over, transformed again into blank surfaces-- the video remains the only evidence of Workbook as an installation.

Funding for the production of the video continues to be provided through the sale of unique prints created by the artists. Each 7 ½ x 7 ½ inch print is hand-marked and embellished by Ann and Kate and hand-stamped with a signature seal created by the artists. Each unique piece is printed on 300 gsm, 100% cotton Crane Museo Portfolio Rag paper.
For more information about the project, go HERE.

**For the special purchase price, go HERE.**


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