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Duke Ellington joins the Pink Panel @ The Fridge

Pink Panel @ The Fridge:
Conflict and Identity
Meet the Iranian artist of "I Ran Home"

Sunday, November 22

1 to 4PM

@ The Fridge

516 8th Street, SE (rear alley)

Erice Robert Parnes, artist
Hadieh Shafie, artist
Philippa Hughes, moderator

**1:30 PM Special performance**
Students from the Duke Ellington School of the Arts

This performance from the "R Street Collective", the Literary Media and Communications performing ensemble showcases the students original work, molded into a performance piece featuring dance, music, and language. The piece is a response to the work done by the Iranian-American artists featured in the 'I Ran Home" exhibition, and in particular to the issues of the construction of identity, immigration, assimilation, and ultimately on what it means to be an American.

With Turkish coffee and Fal fortune teller readings!

Turkish coffee generously provided by Turkish Coffee Cafe

The reading of fal (meaning "fortune" in Farsi) from Turkish grounds has been traditionally practiced throughout the Middle East and is performed by many Iranian homes.

More info HERE.


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