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Dave Hickey lecture at SAAM

The Smithsonian American Art Museum hosted a lecture by art critic Dave Hickey. Read about it HERE.


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He uses my argument!

From a summer email (pdf):

When gallery owners have the exclusive power to dictate prices and supply, the public no longer gets to “vote” with their dollars as to what is considered “good” art and what is considered “bad” art – the decision has been made for them via artificially chosen prices. No individual or select group of people has the ability to determine the quality of a piece of art; that should be left up to the public at large, as any singled out group of people, be they elite or otherwise, will be slow to respond to new art movements. The resulting art available in the market place will at best necessarily reflect the biases and tastes of gallery owners.

“An example is impressionism, which was rejected by established art critics and the art establishment in Paris. Those who are praised today as the great masters of impressionist art, had to at the time resort to private initiative ('Solon des Refuses'), as well as to the market (Monet’s paintings were first bought in sizable numbers by private American collectors). Impressionist paintings were traded at high prices on markets before that particular art movement was acknowledged by the art establishment.” - Bruno Frey from his book, 'Arts & Economics' (2003)

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...not surfing, but still pretty awesome.

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