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New Pink Line Project website!

Go HERE for a consolidated calendar of all things cool and arty for the culturally curious. I'll be blogging over there too so please check there everyday for the latest arty news from me and guest writers.

See what people are talking about:

"Your new site is filling the biggest gap existing in the DC art scene for over a decade." --Kathryn C.

"It's a one-stop shop for all things art in the city." --Allison Marvin, Sightline, in the Washington Post

"The Pink Line's website redesign is one of the best examples of an interactive calendar I've seen for art-related events, from a design and technology standpoint. Philippa's web team definitely took time to think about what we may want from an arts calendar." --Design Notes + Photos

"I think Philippa possibly has managed to make her blog/site indispensable--a trick many bloggers would like to pull off. Ride the Pink Line and find out what's happening in D.C. art often." --Hatchets and Skewers

"No more excuses about where to find arty events in the Washington, DC area! DC's resident creative and art maven, Philippa P.B. Hughes has expanded her website to become a portal of sorts for all things artsy and creative! A single portal can get you up to speed about weekly events in no time! Please visit the new Pink Line Project website to get the lowdown on what's going on in the arts world in the Metro DC area." --Examiner.com

"If you haven't seen the new Pink Line Project website, then you're missing one of the best resources for the visual arts in the nation's capital region. And if you're a gallery or art PR person and you're not sending Philippa P.B. Hughes all your art press releases for the site's most excellent calendar, then you're missing out on a great venue to spread the art word." --Daily Campello Art News

"While we're sure you love the weekly Arts Agenda here at DCist, we're compelled to note the launch of (and urge you to bookmark) Pink Line Project's brand new web site this week. An easy-to-navigate calendar at the top lists the metro area's art eventsdetailed info and images pop up for each event below. Pink Line features a scrolling list of their own picks, or go down to the bottom of the page for "Today Only" events." --DCist

"UVA alum Phillipa [sic] Hughes’ arts calendar and event series just got promoted to must-visit site if you are in DC." --Jarrett House North


Blogger Amanda said...

Phillipa - congrats on the launch! I love your description of the Pink Line Project, "a catalyst for the culturally curious"... brilliant, and that's exactly what you are! Since your site (smartly) emphasizes what you like/recommend, versus "everything art-related in DC" -- why not include a links page, with links to other DC arts resources?

Yes, of course I'm thinking of Creative DC! - but also, arts sections of local media sites, gallery/venue sites, etc. I think that would be a real service to users & would help underscore the breadth of the local art community.

Just a suggestion. Congrats again, the site looks terrific! :)

11:29 AM

Blogger Tim Jarrett said...

Argh. Just caught and fixed the typo, alas, several months on. Apologies, Philippa, and hope all's well.

10:13 AM


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