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Anything DECOY rocks!

I'm super proud of my good friend DECOY! She painted an incredible piece for the Edgewood mural jam and was even featured in an article about the project in the Washington Post yesterday morning. She wrote more about what doing the mural meant to her on her blog:
I hope it also represents...strength in women, and having the power to live beyond something you may have thought would have crushed you. I want it to represent the Pink Line Project, which I feel is a very new, yet important project in DC. The DC punk scene. Code Pink. Breast Cancer. Girl Power.
Sniff. Love this girl. There will be a mural dedication this afternoon (Monday, August 24) with Mayor Fenty. Please come!

Where? 540 Rhode Island Avenue, NE Washington, DC , Edgewood Shopping Center Parking Lot.

Image: Richard Chu


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