A person who appears to be ambling aimlessly, but is secretly in search of adventure.


Through Sensorium magic, watch video of me happily eating entire lemon. Discount to attend Sensorium for Pink Line fans. http://ow.ly/4oRD4


Stoked 2 meet JamesFranco Thur & support 826DC, teaching kids writing skills. If u dont come, I'll have him all 2 myself. http://ow.ly/4onBa


Enviro Film Fest launch is tomorrow nite! Tkt price includes food, bevs, dance, & performances in a beautiful space. http://ow.ly/4aWiD


Tix still available for tonight's Counterpoint concert to benefit Chris4Life & to kick off colon cancer awareness month. http://ow.ly/45zKu