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Raise Your Hand to Demand Rights for DC!

The Give Me A Vote project puts a spotlight on the struggle for DC voting rights with public art that inspires discourse on democracy. Raise your hand and demand voting rights for Washington, DC! We aim to attract the attention of and promote action from DC residents who support DC democracy.

Raise Your Hand - Join in by creating your own art.
Become a part of the movement, let us know what DC voting rights mean to you. Join the artists in creating public art around the city. Contact us for details on how you or your group can get involved.

Join us today at 11:30am at Dupont Circle for the launch of the project and the first stencil making party. The project will be active for at least a month.

Use DC Vote's educational resources to advocate for full congressional voting rights for DC residents. www.dcvote.org is designed to help you advocate for DC voting rights.


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