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Calling DC Artists: Real Art DC

The Washington Post is looking to discover the Washington region's newest talents. Whether you work in photography, sculpture, watercolor, or other media we want to see your art. Simply upload images of your artworks and provide the artist name, title, year of completion, as well as any relevant contact information (Web site, gallery, etc.) All art will be entered in this competition. See contest rules HERE.


Blogger Susana said...

Thank you for directing us to the contest and its rules. From my brief reading this morning there is at least one disturbing clause to their rules:

16. By participating in this promotion, each entrant gives Sponsor permission to use his/her Entry Materials and other information provided to Sponsor in any manner or media in its sole discretion.

I would just tell the entrants to beware. Until such rights-grabbing clauses are stricken from this contest (which, btw, offers no prize), I would not be interested in submitting my work into this venue.

7:39 AM


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