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What's going on this weekend?

Video for Creatura.

This is what I am going to try to hit this weekend:


"Trance Tunnel," an MFA art installation at GWU. Info HERE.

"Lifelines" at Honfleur Gallery in Anacostia. Info HERE.

"Creatura" at SOVA, on H Street NE. Info HERE.


"Paperworks" at Pyramid Atlantic in Silver Spring. Info HERE.

"Tattoos of Ships," Maggie Michael show at GMU. Info HERE.

"Hexagon" by Edmond van der Bijl in Georgetown. Info HERE.

"Christenberry, Rose, and Baechler" at Hemphill (14th Street, NW). Info HERE.

"Call and Response" at Hamiltonian (14th and U). Info HERE.


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