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Last call!

Happy 2010. Can you believe it?

Thanks for being part of the What's Important to You? project. We hope that you took the time to participate.
If not, look at this as Last Call. Submit your response today, pass it on. And thanks again!

VISIT www.important2you.com and view the feed. You may still answer as many times as you wish by clicking on the logo at the top. Share the link today! Over 800 responses were posted since we launched with responses from nearly all 50 states and over 12 countries. Spread the word.

The WITY Feed is live. You can read the responses from all over the world, add your insights, and pass it on. It takes over an hour to cycle through all of the responses. You don't have to watch it all at once!

You can follow the project on Facebook/Important2you and on Twitter @important2you. As the project evolves, we'll be in touch again. From Judy Byron and Sondra N. Arkin, thanks again!



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