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Proper Topper says I clean up good

Well lookee here! I got nominated for the Proper Topper's "First Annual Best Dressed List: DC, recognizing exemplars of original, inspiring STYLE in our city!" Fun! Although I think it's pretty hilarious that the picture they used to nominate me is one in which I am jumping for art at the Portrait Gallery so I look a little loopy. (I'm third down in the left.) Oh well. I'm pretty flattered to be included in this impressive list:

Eric Brewer
Betsy Lowther
Walker Lamond
Ali Wentworth
Phillipe Cousteau
Marlene Hu
Tyler Larish
Rey Banks
Holly Thomas
The Beatings: Carole Greenwood & Stewart Lupton
Philippa Hughes
U.S. Royalty: John Thornley, Paul Thornley, Jacob Michael & Luke Adams
Valli Ravindran
Jesse Elliott
Jade Floyd
Patricia Harr


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