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Out with the beige, in with the pink!

Emily Lyons wrote a really really nice piece about me for Washington Spaces magazine. A sign of a great writer: we talked for a long time but she had to capture the essence of our conversation in only a few paragraphs. She killed it!
Living space, she says, should “reflect who you are, your values, what you find important.” Visitors should see evidence of personality, of minds at work when they drop by, rather than being mired in predictable pleasantries. Anything less, Hughes says, would undermine the present.
Read the rest of the article HERE.


Blogger Minda said...

any chance that you can direct me to the artist that took the amazing photo above your table? (girl blowing powder...) THANKS!!

4:25 PM

Blogger hoogrrl said...

That's Nick and Sheila Pye who show at Curator's Office. So awesome!

10:27 AM


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