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Take a tour of what will be the new Arlington Cultural Center

I am thrilled that Arlington County recently approved funding for a cultural center to be built out in the former Newseum space in Rosslyn. This video gives you a fun little tour of what the space looks like now, pre-renovation. Mark your calendars for 10-10-09 when The Pink Line Project will put together an event in the space that will showcase some of the best creative talent that Arlington and the DC area have to offer. After that, the space will be completely renovated and reopened on 10-10-10 and I predict the new center will become an important creative hub not only in our region but in the world. The folks who work at Arlington Cultural Affairs have some seriously awesome creative vision!


Blogger D. Jean-Jacques said...

That space is AMAZING! a block away is AIW, it would be really nice to incorporate some student themed showcases.

1:07 PM


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