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Bad economic times are a great time to collect art

It's a great time to start collecting art when the economy is rough according to ArtInfo:
You love art, and you know what you like, but you don’t have a financier’s funds. So is it still possible to be a collector? The answer is an overwhelming yes. And if you have any spare cash, an economic downturn is an excellent time to buy. With fewer buyers in the market, there is actually a wider variety of interesting, affordable pieces available.
I agree! I just bought an awesome piece of art by uber smart artist Ryan Hill at a joint exhibition between Civilian Art Projects and 87Florida for *$10*!! The show opened today during the awesome Bloomingdale Art Walk that The Pink Line Project organized so you have plenty of time to get yourself over there to see it. Really great show!

New Currency: Shared Resources
A group exhibition organized by Civilian Art Projects for 87FLORIDA

Saturday, August 1
Noon - 4pm

87 Florida Ave, NW

Call for an appointment to see the exhibit:

Image: Apak's "Curious Visitor," at Tinlark, measures only 5 by 7 inches. Courtesy Tinlark


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